A group of regular Dads, supporting each other to do life better

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    Create Awareness
    First and foremost, Kiwi Daddys purpose is to create awareness on tough subjects and allow men a non judgemental environment to express their feelings and concerns.
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    Raise Money
    In order to fund our work and extend our reach, we need to raise money. Fundraising takes all forms and we love to collaborate with other professionals and charities to reach our goals and to help to empower others in business.
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    Give Back
    One of our big goals for Kiwi Daddys is to open and operate community centres for men across New Zealand and Australia. These will extend the support to men and to provide critical health services such as free health services, counselling, employment assistance and networking opportunities.
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    Make a Difference
    Kiwi Daddys aims to save relationships and lives by educating and supporting men. Kiwi Daddys recognises that no one is immune to the many issues that life deals to us and so we want to be the strong and permanent fixture in the lives of men and families across New Zealand and Australia.